Medicine and medical equipment

According to the latest news and the government's decision, the process of importing medicine and medical equipment has been accelerated, and drug shipments will be cleared through the customs of all airports without delay. Pharmaceutical materials include: raw materials, manufactured drugs, equipment supplies, spare parts and medical supplies.

According to the new memorandum with the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, the clearance of these goods will be done by direct shipment as soon as possible after the issuance of the license of this ministry, considering that a major part of the drug market is supplied through imports. Due to the corrosive nature of drugs, air transport of drugs is the most appropriate option. Fast transport with high safety is very important in transporting drugs. Dental units and other medical equipment such as MRI machines are among the equipment imported by Aran Express Transportation Company. Due to the unconventional dimensions of the above equipment, it needs to be transported by cargo flights. Our company will take care of the import and transportation of your medical equipment through direct cooperation with airlines. Aran Express International Transportation Company, after years of experience and relying on its experts and consultants, will import your imported goods in the shortest possible time. Will be cleared from all customs of the country at an economic price. Contact our experts for free consultation and rate announcement.

Information required to announce the cost of air and import freight services:

1) Name of consignment and type of cargo: H.S.CODE for customs affairs at the origin of declaration of dangerous goods: Form M.S.D.S, CLASS, UN No

2) Net and gross weight of the load if the load is volumetric

3) Number of packages and exact dimensions of the package

4) Specify the type of delivery EXWORK, DDA, DDP, FOB

5) Address and telephone number of the sender if the shipping type is EXW

6) Address and phone of the recipient in full

7) The real value of the goods (INVOICE) for the clearance of goods

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